Viscosity Modifying Admixture

 VISCTROL is a ready to use liquid admixture designed to modify the viscosity of self consolidating concrete. When VISCTROL is used in conjunction with superplasticizing admixtures, 18" to 28" (460 to 710 mm) diameter spreads are achieved without segregation or lowering compressive strengths.

Features & Benefits

  • Greatly reduces or eliminates bleeding or segregation
  • Evenly disperses aggregates within mix
  • Eliminates need for vibration
  • Provides superior slump retention
  • Eliminates segregation during pumping
  • Easily metered with admixture dispensing equipment


  • Self consolidating concrete

Specifications / Compliances

  • Meets ASTM C 494 Type S Admixture


 VISCTROL is packaged in 275 gal (1041 L) totes, 55 gal(208 L) drums and 5 gal (18.9 L) pails.